ANNUAL REPORT (2011-2012)


ANNUAL REPORT (2011-2012)







Asha Niketan, B.C.College Road , St. Vincent`s Campus, Asansol-713304, West Bengal, Phone: 0341-6459817, E-mail: anasansol@gmail.com Website: www.ashaniketanasansol.com


  1. Introduction: Asha Niketan Asansol was founded in the year 2007 by Fellowship with mentally Retarded India(  F.M.R.India), a Society registered under the Karnataka Societies registration Act,1960. It is affiliated to l,arche International , a Federation of almost 140 communities in 40 countries. Asansol community directly serves 29 core-members . The community maintains a family like atmosphere and attempts to develop skills of people through living , working , and sharing life together with and without intellectual disabled people.

Asha Niketan Asansol has developed into a residential home for six orphaned mentally challenged children, a vocational unit for the adult core-members and a day care centre for the children over the years.




(i)                Governing council Office Bearers:  The total strength of the Governing council is 13 members including the  community leader.

Mrs. Seema Paul ( Chairperson )

Mr. Dulalnidhi Sarkar (Treasurer)

Mr. Balaram Samanta( Secretary&Community Leader)

Mr. Goutam Choudhury

Mr. Ujjal Gorai

Mr.Ravi Victor

Mr. Virgil D’Souza

Mr. Laxmi Narayan Gupta

Br. Superior Congregation of Christian Brothers,Asansol

Mr. Tapas Ghose

Mrs. Chhavi Nigam

Mrs. Mamata Bagaria

Mrs. Namita Kedia.

(ii)               There were a total of 9 Governing Council meetings during the year.

(iii)             Other associated life members of F.M.R.India from Asansol: There are 39 life members of F.M.R.India from Asansol including the Governing council members and 22 people were welcomed as life members during the year.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Paul

Mr. Prasad Ganguly

Mr. Steven Das

Mr. Vishal Kedia

Mr. Nizel D`Souza

Mr. Navin Kumar Jain

Mr. Rajkumar Bhagat

Mr. Mahendra Singh

Mrs. Indu Ladsaria

Mr. Susanta Dawn

Mr. Prasansta bhattacharya

Mrs. Sweata Paul

Mr. Ranjit Singh Baga

Mr. Anil Kumar

Mr. Manjit Singh Baga

Mr. Vijoy Kumar Lodha

Mr.Harmindar Singh Kapoor

Mr. Pankaj Baisya

Mr. Vikash Bhuwalka

Mr. Satpal Singh Keer

Mrs. Manisha Ghanti

Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal

Mr. Satyanarayan Agarwal

Mr. Shyam Lal Kedia

Mr. Dinesh Todi

Mr. Jatindar Singh


(iv)              Auditor : Ashok Swaika & Co. of G.T.Road(E), Durgamandir, Ushagram, Asansol-713303 had been appointed in April,2011.

(v)                Other Office Assistant: Mr. Sukumar Das ( Accountant part time).



  1. 3.     Administrative management:

(i)     Medical Insurance: On January,2012 Medical insurances for all the assistants and employees were renewed under United Insurance Co.Ltd. ,offering medical cover up to Rs. 50,000/-.

(ii)   Medical benefit: All the medical test has been offered free of cost for the core-members from Mehi Diagnostic Centre through the kindness of Mr. Sonjoy Bagaria.

  • Dr. Pampa Mukharjee ,child checialist, Dr. T.K.Nandi E.N.T. specialist offered free consultation and medicine to our core-members.
  • Two organization ‘Netro Yoti Barakar’ and ‘Subarban dental Association’ organized eye and dental check up camps in our community for all the members  in the month of July.
  • Ration cards: Mr. Herminder Singh Kapoor took an active part in getting ration cards for six of our residential boys.

(iii) Local fundraising: Mr. and Mrs Vishal Kedia generously offered all grocery food items through out the year the  total cost of which amounted to Rs. 113,336/-.The Rotact Club Ranigang GTR provided food stuffs to the community. Mr. Sibaram Burman has been donating Rs. 1000/- per month . Hope Foundation Kolkata has been sponsoring  for the upkeep of two core –members by donating Rs.1500/- per month . They also assured that  they would  sponsor  all the six residential children from next year.The fees for the painting teacher  totaling to Rs. 12000/- has been paid by  Mrs. Mamata Bagaria. A raffle draw programme was organized in the month of November and the total collection was  around four lack rupees. Sponsorship was received to print new year calenders  which were sold to raise funds. A souvenir on the occasion of fifth anniversary programme was released .

(iv)  Other benefits received :  Proxair India donated  a big round table and a wheel chair to our day care centre . Friends and well wishers donated  bed sheets, blankets ,  mosquito nets , kitchen utensils.

(v)    Building maintenance and Improvement & equipment:

The construction of the  kitchen building which was taken up on 21st August 2011,  was completed on 31st of December ,2011 at cost of Rs.384,500/- . Amount sanctioned by L`arche was  Rs. 284,500/- and the remaining Rs. 100,000/- was raised  locally. It was inaugurated on 17th January,2012 by Mrs. Usha venkatraghavan.

(vi)  Mr. Goutam Choudhuri donated one ceiling fan for the newly made kitchen.

(vii)            New Electric facility:  Independant electric line with domestic facility was sanctioned from 24th of March ,2012 .

(viii)          Interface with other organization:

  • Students from neighbouring schools such as St. Vincent`s , St. Patrick`s , Loreto Convent  visited the community during the year on a regular basis.
  • Nine young Christian brothers spent three months (Oct-Dec)in our Day care Centre and workshop and helped in all our activities.
  • The members from Rotary club of Asansol Greater and Lions club of Asansol visited  the community several times during the year and  provided educational materials to our day care children .
  • The members of ‘Satgram women`s organization’ visited the community and provided all the remedial medicines for the community members and fiber plates for meals.
  • The members of Rotaract Club GTR Ranigang visited the community on Teacher`s Day on 5th September and honoured  our assistant members along with Mrs. Seema Paul and Mr. Ravi Victor , the principals of St. Vincent`s and St. Patrick`s school, Asansol respectively.
  1. 4.      PROGRAMME


Number of community core-members on 31st March,2012:

Residential Day workers Day Care children Total
6(m) 9(m)+2(f)=11 10(m)+2(f)=12 22(m)+4(f)=29


Numbers of Assistants and employees on 31st March 2011 :

Residential assistants Day worker assistants Employee Total
4(m)+1(f)=5 2(m) 2(m)+2(f)=4 8(m)+3(f)=11


(i)                Residential programme:

There were  altogether six residential core-members and five residential assistants during last year and all the members were well in general . Barnabas is under treatment of Dr. S. Sarengi , Kolkata for his epileptic seizers . His fits are controlled through medication. Joyanto , Riko, Barnabas , Maria and Som were involved in learning skills in our Day Care Centre and Sonu was engaged in the Vocational Unit. They were assisted by 5 residential assistants. Many friends came to visit our community and  spent their time with our residential members. Vocational Unit:

The vocational unit provides skills training and sheltered work opportunities in Batik work, candle making,  phynile making, bead work and horticultural activities.  This unit gave an opportunity to our core-members to go out and to interact with the wider society  by participating in the exhibition cum sale of our workshop products .This unit has ensured that our people with disability are the productive members of our society as they were well appreciated for their works.  The garden is a big source of attraction as many come to buy fresh vegetables . The garden also meets the requirements of the community.

  • Last year the community employed Mr. Prtasenjit Sarkar who is teaching batik in the workshop. Apurba and Amit are working in the workshop and Lakhan works in the garden with Gopi among the assistants.

Day Care Centre:

  • There were total 17 children in the Day Care Centre including five residential children. Last year we welcomed Rakshakar in the Centre.
  • There were three assistants in the centre during the year including Mr. Joyanto Chattaraj as Day care leader and one volunteer Rabea Dreyer.
  • The day care starts  at 9-30 a.m. and continues till 4-30 p.m.from Monday to Friday . It starts with a prayer followed by an introductive session among the children and assistants together. After this session individual educational programme (IEP) start for each individual children as planned . other than these curricular activities we have different types of co-curricular activities in groups  like music class , dance class , painting class ect. During the days.
  • A  monthly meeting is held where  the day care assistants discuss different issues ,difficulties , make plans for activities ,  sort out the TLM for specific activities, carry out different  exercise for the  development of each individual child and  formulate different  strategies.
  • Annual evaluation of day care took place in the month of March and during the evaluation we produced a report card for each member. Also short and long term goals were  set up for each child in consultation with the parents.
  • There were four parent meetings during the year, all areas  concerning the development and activities and follow up necessaries were discussed .

(ii)             Co-curricular activities:

  • Mrs. Nita Surana visits  the community every Friday to take  music classes for our core members and assistants.
  • Mrs. Arpita Ghose takes dance classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Mr. Abhijit Sen takes painting class with our core-members every Friday.

(iii)           Vocational training:

  • Mr. Apurba das was the work leader . Mr. Prasenjit Sarkar is providing vocational skill training on Batik and other craft works to our assistants.


(iv)           General Activities and events  :

  • Celebration: The community celebrated  with joy all the main festivals of the year – Christmas, Easter, Diwali, bhaiphonta, Gandhi Jayanthi,  Independence day and Republic Day, Viswakarmapuja , Saraswati puja, new year , holi  – along with the birthdays of the members. The community members were invited by several families during the the Durgapuja and Diwali.
  • Exhibition : We held a painting exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts from 5th May to 11th May ,2011 along with Asha Niketan Kolkata. We also took part in exhibition cum sale of our workshop products in St. Vincent`s and St. Patrick`s school and Loreto Convent school in Asansol in the month of February and we have been able to sell our workshop products.
  • Book fair :The community put a stall in Burnpur Utsav and Asansol book fair from 12th January till 24th January . It helped Asha Niketan in getting a lot of publicity and also enabled us to sell a lot of our workshop products.
  •  Sports : The community organized a winter sports for our core-members on 5th February  and all the members were very excited to receive the rewards.
  • Parents meetings: There were four  parents gatherings during the year. The interaction between the assistants and the parents were good . The parents also shared  ideas for the general development of the community and for the betterment of the core-members.
  • Raffle draw: On 16th of November,2011 the community made a raffle draw in St. Vincent`s school. St. Vincent`s and St. Patrick`s school Asansol primaly supported the sale of . Mr. and Mrs. Sonjoy Bagaria sponsored all the prizes for the raffle draw.
  • Innauguration of the kitchen: We inaugurated our kitchen on 17th January,2012 and Mrs. Usha Venkataraghavan , the national fund raiser was present during this special occassion.
  • Community members` Visit: The community members were invited to visit Kedia Iron factory on 12th February,2012.
  • Annual Holiday: The community went for holiday from 10th to 16th March to Puri. All the members spent their holiday joyfully.
  • National Assembly: Mr. Balaram Samanta , Mr. Apurba Das, Mr. Amit Sarkar , Master Sonu and Mrs. Seema Paul participated in the assembly in Kozhikode , Kerala In March, 2012. During this meeting, ‘the Working manual’ and ‘Five years plan’ was given shape approved in the presence of Mr. Colaso, President, FMR – INDIA, Mr. Kunhi Kanaran National leader and Mr. Tim Kerney, the international leader for national leader .
  • National Assistants’ meeting: Mr. Balaram , Mr. Amit and Mr. Apurba Das attended the national assistants` meeting in the month of March in kerala.
  • Visit: Mr. P.K.Kunhikanaran visited  the  community twice  during last year and Mrs. Usha Venkataraghavan visited the community on 17th January,2012.

(v)                Assistants  : There are  five residential assistants and two day worker assistants including community the leader. Apurba was accepted as day worker assistant from September,2011. Sibashis Mondal was welcomed as new assistant and Ananta Biswas  left the community after staying nine months in the community. Lakhan and Apurba are in their fifth  year of service , Amit is on his 3rd year and Joyanto and Kalyani are in the 2nd year of service in the community. Joyanto has completed  the basic council course  in CHIP in Kolkata  and Lakhan has completed his Madhyamic qualification  and he got admission for his +2.

(vi)              Employees: There were three full time  employees and four part time employees in the community during last year. Mrs. Priska Krishna Bhattacharya who was cleaner left. The community appointed Mr. Gopinath Bagdi as garden employee.  Mrs. Sakuntala Devi is continuing as cook . Also Mrs. Arpita Ghose as dance teacher, Mr. Abhijit Sen as painting teacher and Prasenjit as Art teacher.

(vii)            Volunteers: As per the  agreement with Bezev organization in Germany  the community welcomed Rabea Dreyer in August ,2011 and  Bianca Muran Berger left the community after completing one year in the community . Also the community welcomed Lena Grote from Germany , Andrea Incze from L`Arche Cork , Ireland and Sabine Fernandes from Kolkata as volunteer during last year.

(viii)          Formation & training programme: The community organized various formation and training programme for the assistants during 2011-2012. The programmes were supported by the GC members , the Christian Brothers , CSST sisters,members from L`arche in India . Also Fr. Korko visited the community in March and provided spiritual formation to the assistants.

  1. Donors and well wishers: Last year our community was blessed by many of our oversees and local friends and well wishers . we are very grateful to L`arche International  and to Ms. Usha Venkatraghavan for financial support for oversees funds . Also we are very grateful to many local donors and well wishers without whom our life together would not be possible. We give special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Vishal Kedia , Mr. and Mrs. Sibaram Burman , Mrs. Mamata bagaria for their on going support. We acknowledge the supports received through out the year from Congregation of Christian Brothers , St. Vincent`s and St. Patrick`s and Loreto Convent school ,Asansol, MC sisters Asansol. We are very grateful to Dr. Pampa Mukharjee, Dr. T.K.Nandi, Mehi Dioanostic Centre for their selfless services trough out the year for the benefit of our core-members.
  1. Conclusion : Asha Niketan Asansol completed its fifth year on 31st of March,2012. In the last five years Asha Niketan became a home for six orphan developmentally disabled children and a place of learning skills for 23 disabled people from our locality. Overall it has become a place where people with and without intellectual disability can live, work and share life together making friendly relationship . It has been a place where each person is respected as accepted as they are and each individual`s unique gifts is celebrated . All of these has been possible as we received supports , co-operations, skills , competencies , hard works and prayer from our Governing council members, life members , friends , well wishers , assistants and volunteers .The Governing Council is the real legal authority of each Asha Niketan  community. All the GC members have contributed their time and energy with the community and given excellent guidance and support by attending all the meetings and also participated in all the activities of the community .

We also thank all our friends and well wishers who have been able to spend some time with us and who prayed for our community.

We thank all the assistants who have committed their lives in building this community sharing their lives with the people with intellectual disability through living and working with them.

We thank all our employees who have served our lives through taking part in daily activities of our community.


Signed by




Mrs. Seema Paul                                                        Mr. Balaram Samanata

(Chairperson)                                                               ( Secretary& community leader)